Dreams of Three​-​Eyed Serpents

by Brightly Painted Corpses

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released March 14, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Stagnating in Despondency
Restless nights led to stagnating in despondency. The idea of convalescence just seems to be wishful thinking. A festering exuberance was seemingly conjured by unrequited emotions. I guess I'm not resilient as I seem to be.
Track Name: Like Snow Globes
Each year to me is like shaking a snow globe. The glitter swirls around chaotically until things finally become still leaving the figurine in the center standing alone once again. There used to be many more people in my life. Each year they seem to slowly fade. This incessant cycle of depression and euphoria has already started to affect me. It only deteriorates.
Track Name: Colorless Dreams
Our lives aren't as colorful as they seem. Call yourself by a name but we're all the same. Individuality is just a dream, and I can never really sleep. When will you wake up?
Track Name: Properly Tying the Eldredge Knot
If every wish lost its soul when it died there would be ten thousand heavens inside my heart. If every eye shut for a final time, no one would see me dancing alone. I’ve got a pocket full of broken hope and every beggar on every street corner inside my mind wants what I’ve got. I could just as easily wear my heart on my sleeve but blood stained anything is out of style this year. I know there are still places inside of you that remember me, just as I know there are unborn dreams in every wink of sleep I passed up waiting on a call. I could have been the last breath in your lungs and you would have used it to tell someone else “I love you”. I could have been so much tonight, if only I had the strength to dance until morning. Reasoning has left hope unexplored and I cannot bear to think of holding a moment void of time.
Track Name: Thankful for Blindness
I closed my eyes and rusted shut in the rain, thankful for blindness. Winter plotting against three seasons and wearing its plastic face. I almost understood how to touch, how to feel. I could have been a virus inside of your heart. I could have spent years in those empty chambers, rummaging through your motives. I have willingly broken my legs. Maybe now you’ll smile when you see me crawling back to you.
Track Name: Contentment
From prolonged isolation comes a severe transformation to the point where I'm completely alienated from my former comfort zone. I can't retain the jovial demeanor you once knew, so I'm content with the fact that in the end I'll remain alone.